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Community Heroes Have Lockers

When you think of lockers, do you think of school children and athletes? Maybe you think about stowing your sneakers in the locker room at the gym. Have you ever given any thought to the very important people in your community who depend on lockers? Most of our community’s heroes have a locker.

Firefighters and Police Officers

Firefighters and police officers depend on lockers. Of course, each of these heroic professions utilize storage lockers for protecting uniforms and equipment, but firefighters use other space-saving storage solutions as well, including Murphy Beds. Fire station lockers are larger than the average locker, built to accommodate bulky clothing and equipment, and protected by mechanical and Digilock® keypad locking mechanisms.

Hospital Lockers

Do your heroes wear scrubs? You can bet they use lockers. Hospital lockers are made with doctors’ needs, as well sanitary conditions, in mind. Large enough to hold a standard bag and a coat, Novaya Balakhna lockers for medical facilities are often customized, and designed with a slope top or a dropped soffit, to prevent the accumulation of dust.

Military Lockers

The military makes use of lockers for troops. In fact, Legacy Lockers worked with the government to design custom lockers that fit the spaces in each barrack room at Camp Edwards. The new design by Legacy Lockers included 24-inch wide lockers with red oak interiors, and Legacy Lockers’ designers even rose to the challenge of double lock doors on the lockers, which meant modifying the locking mechanism so that one lock could secure both doors.

As you can see, some of the most important people around use lockers. Of course, an attractive wood locker to store personal belongings can make anyone feel like a VIP. With over 65 years experience in woodworking, Legacy Lockers takes pride in being one of America’s premier sources of custom lockers. Give us a call to learn how Legacy Lockers can benefit you and your organization.

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