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Tips for Removing Fall’s Funk from Your Locker Room

The locker room: A place of camaraderie, team spirit and terrible smells. How can it be helped? The combination of sweat ripened gear, post-workout bodies, dank towels and stinky shoes leads to an inevitable stench in even the most upscale locker room. How do you keep your luxury locker room from smelling like the inside of a dirty gym sock? We have some tips to help you get the funk under control.

  • Spray and vacuum instead of mopping. Locker room germs aren’t just smelly, they can also be infectious. Mops tend to spread germs around, but a floor cleaner that applies cleaner and then vacuums it up can actually remove the dirt that’s causing odors, grime and illness.
  • The key to a clean locker room is diligence. Your staff should make regular run-throughs, picking up trash and cleaning obvious messes. This is also a great time to make sure the restrooms and other areas are well-stocked and no suspicious behavior is taking place in your locker room.
  • A swimsuit water extractor can help reduce the mess and smell. If patrons have an option for drying their suits, it will keep wet suits from being stuffed into lockers and end up musty and smelly or hung over locker doors, creating a messy look.
  • In the locker room, cleanliness is next to healthiness. Wipe lockers, counters and other surfaces with an all-purpose, sanitizing cleaner, and make sure to keep the floors clean, to prevent the spread of MRSA and other diseases.
  • Good ventilation is important. A locker room that is properly ventilated will not be as damp, and will naturally smell better.

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