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Need Help Cutting Out Clutter? A Locker Can Help. 09-24-2014 |

When you hear the word “locker,” it may call to mind images of locker rooms and school hallways. Lockers, however, have many more uses than just storing textbooks and athletic gear. Your business may be able to use storage lockers to stay on the right side of that fine line that separates “well-stocked” and “cluttered.”
Keeping your office tidy can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. And while many believe a cluttered desk is representative of an active and creative mind, it’s probably not the image you want to present to clients and colleagues. The question to ask yourself is this: is your office untidy because you need to pare down your paperwork and supplies, or would you benefit from additional storage? If the answer is the latter, you may need to consider adding additional shelving or locker space.
Clutter is the enemy of an organization, and a business needs to be organized in order to thrive. In order for the daily workings of your company to run smoothly, you need to be able to quickly and efficiently find the things you need. You also need to know where everything belongs, so that it’s easy to keep your office clutter-free. You can start a de-cluttering drive with your office colleagues to identify and remove the unnecessary stuff from the office space. While you are in the midst of a decluttering campaign, you might be forming piles of junk that might need to be removed. For that, a Junk Removal service provider can be contacted who has specialization and years of experience in this domain.
The first step in de-cluttering is knowing what to throw away. Having a shredder at your office is very helpful for this purpose, for disposing of old documents that are no longer needed. Once you’ve established what you don’t need, though, it’s time to find homes for the things you do need. Shelves and desk drawers may be fine for most things, but there are probably some office supplies and sensitive papers that you’d rather keep in a more secure location. This is where a locker can be extremely useful.
You may not think a locker will fit in with the décor of your office, but Legacy Lockers has functional and aesthetically-pleasing lockers to meet your needs. Over 65 years of experience in woodworking has made Legacy Lockers one of America’s premier sources of custom lockers, and the company takes pride in excellent craftsmanship and customer service. Visit the website to learn more, or call 866-937-1088 for help in designing a locker room befitting your organization’s values and sensibilities.

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