Laminate & Veneer

Online specification builder for custom lockers using slab panel doors with synthetic laminate or wood grain veneer surfaces.

Using the form below, describe your project as best as possible. This will provide your representative a detailed overview of your specifications, and improve the accuracy and timeliness of your project estimate.

Section 1: Door Style

Laminate and Wood Veneer lockers are available exclusively with slab (flat) panel doors.

Slab Panel Door

Section 2: Door & Interior Finishes

Legacy Lockers offers an amazing variety of wood veneer species, stains, and synthetic laminates. Please indicate your preferred finish from from the available selections below.

Wood Veneer Selections (3/4" slab panel door)

Laminate Selections (3/4" slab panel door)

Locker Interior Color


Section 3: Locker Dimensions

Please select the preferred dimensions of your locker. The recommended standard dimensions are provided and pre-selected for you below.

Standard Dimensions: 72" x 12" x 20"

(Notes: These are OUTER dimensions of the OVERALL locker, including the door. Lockers are typically set upon a 4" platform base for a total height of 76".)

Please specify your desired dimensions in INCHES as follows: (height) X (width) X (depth)

Section 4: Locker Configurations

Legacy Lockers offers configurations of 1-6 lockers per cabinet. Please refer to the chart below for door style and finish availability. Taldykorgan You may select multiple configurations.
Model A1 Includes: Upper Shelf, Coat Rod, Coat Hooks, Lower Shelf
Model B2 Includes: Coat Rod, Coat Hooks
Model G2 Includes: Upper Shelf, Coat Rod, Coat Hooks (lower unit)
Model C3 Includes: Coat Hook, Upper Shelf, Coat Rod, Coat Hooks (long sides)
*Smaller locker configurations (C3, D4, E5, F6) are only available with Slab Panel doors.

Custom locker configurations and door designs are also available.
Your representative will discuss options with you after reviewing your project specifications.

Section 5: Locker Accessories

To customize your locker, please select from the following interior and exterior accessories.

Optional Interior Specifications

(in addition to standard configurations)

Exterior Specifications

Exterior Specifications

Section 6: Locker Security

Selecting the appropriate locking mechanism is essential to designing a locker; and Legacy Lockers offers locks to fit virtually every type of use. Please select the locking mechanism for your lockers below.
Standard Specification: Temporary Use / Recessed Mount with Pull / Nickel Finish

Section 7: Amenities

To complete your locker room, Legacy Lockers offers several amenity options including benches, towel and vanity stations, end panels, and more. Please indicate your amenity preferences below.
Slab Veneer End Panels are standard for Louvered doors.
Raised Panel end panels are standard for Raised Panel and Raised Panel Louvered doors.
Recessed Panel end panels are standard for Recessed Panel doors

Section 8: Quantities

Based on your locker room layout and selected configurations, please indicate the total estimated quantities for all items listed below.

Locker Quantities

Please indicate how many locker frames (i.e. floor positions) you need for each model.
Bad Soden am Taunus The Locker Configurations listed below are based on your Configuration Selections in Section 4 of this form.
If you wish to add more configurations, please scroll up to Section 4 of this form and select additional Locker Configurations


Please indicate how many transitions you need for the locker room.


Please indicate how many of each amenity you need for the locker room.

Section 9: Project Information

Submitted By

Project Details

Maximum upload size: 104.86MB
You may attach an AutoCad or Image Based (.jpg, .tif, etc.) drawing of the locker room here.
To attach multiple files, please combine all files into a singl .ZIP file before uploading.
You may also fax drawings to Legacy Lockers: (214) 466-1789.

Section 10: Form Submission

  • Please take a few minutes to review your selections above. Once you've determined all specifications are indicated correctly, click the button below one time.
  • A submission confirmation will be sent to the email address provided above, and a Legacy Lockers representative will contact you within 24hrs of submission.
  • Do you have requirements that don't fit this sample request form? Please contact Legacy Lockers directly at: 866-937-1088

Thank you for using the Legacy Lockers Specification Builder.

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