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Selecting Locker Locks on Your Custom Locker Design

When it comes to the design of custom lockers for any facility, whether it’s an athletic facility, a club locker room or a fitness center, one of the most important elements of the design that simply cannot be underestimated is locker locks. Whether used for the purposes of safety or just for giving the illusion of security, locks are an essential part of the design structure. But with so many types available, how can you be sure you’re using the right lock for the intended application?

Types of Locker Locks

With so many different uses for custom lockers, it’s no wonder that there are so many locker locks from which to choose. The key to choosing the right type for your design — whether it’s padlocks, combination or even fake locks — greatly depends on where the lockers will ultimately be placed.

Padlocks are ideal, cost-effective security solutions for lockers that provide short-term protection in simple applications. Fitness clubs and gyms often tend to have this type of lock for their lockers due to the multiple use nature of that environment.

Locker combination locks are great for team sports locker rooms, at the high school, collegiate, or professional level. Combination locks provide the level of sturdy and durable security that locker rooms in those environments require. They are also used often for school lockers.

Digital locker locks are perfect for places like airports, ski lodges and spa resorts, where a higher level of security is needed on a temporary basis. These types of locks allow the user to create a security code for identification and open and close the locker with the code, until the user is done. The lock then resets the code for the next person to use.

Keyless locker locks can be used in numerous high security, high-end, temporary or permanent applications, like country clubs, hospitals or fire stations. Keyless locks use membership cards, codes or a combination of both to secure items.

Appearance-only/fake locks are used primarily in custom projects, to give in to the illusion that there is, indeed, a lock there. It’s great for designing sports-themed rooms in homes, classrooms, etc.

Locks = Peace of Mind

In environments like fitness clubs, spas or airports, high traffic and multiple daily usages mean the peace of mind in knowing that their belongings will be safe no matter where they are. For more specialized uses – such as in athletic clubs, team sports and country clubs, membership, specialized, defined and permanent locker usage – demand much higher levels of security in accordance with the company culture and expectations from its clientele. 

No matter what locker locks you use for your locker design, rest assured that Legacy Lockers understands and can meet your every need. To learn more about what you need to consider in a custom locker installation, visit our website.

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