Team Sports

Legacy Lockers is bringing stadium, arena, and athletic team locker rooms into the 21st century!

Wood Sports Lockers for Professional Sports Franchises, Collegiate Programs, and High School Athletics

Coaches often relay horror stories about touring recruits through an outdated and cluttered sports locker room; or lockers designed too generically to meet the needs of a particular sport. That’s why we take great pride in working with your staff to develop diatonically storage solutions that meet all your physical requirements and instill a sense of lasting pride in both players and your organization.

For instance, football lockers need to efficiently store a helmet, shoulder pads, pants, and cleats. Alternately, baseball players typically cherish their own bats; and we have engineered a way to securely lock bats inside the locker. Legacy Lockers offers three standardized top and bottom configurations that can be mixed and matched according to your preferences, or we can customize the entire wood sports lockers for you.

We start with ¾” thick wood veneer, plastic laminate or melamine materials to provide an attractive and long-lasting locker. Most team lockers have integrated seating; however, your locker can be designed so that the athlete sits inside or in front of the locker. We have even built lockers with integrated mirrors and electrical cut-outs that serve as individual dressing/vanity stations for each athlete.

For the ultimate touch, we can engrave your team or school logo directly into the upper locker door or add the logo to your athlete’s engraved nameplate. Legacy Lockers can even provide custom seat cushions emblazoned with any logo in full color.

Click on the gallery images below to see some of our team locker designs then contact Legacy Lockers. Let’s create the winning combination your team deserves. Contact Legacy Lockers today!

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