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  • Lockers and wood grain finishes are discussed by Legacy Lockers.

    How to select a wood grain for your Lockers

    If you’re choosing lockers, you probably have a good idea of the aesthetic you’re working toward in your locker room. You may be going for a minimalist look, stark and clean, or you may want an atmosphere of lush comfort and elegance. Whatever you’re trying …

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  • Athletic Melamine Open

    Do Your Lockers Need Doors?

    Do your lockers need doors? If you’re designing a locker room or some other locker space, you’re probably caught up in a morass of details, from materials, to locks, to aesthetic impact. If you take a step back, though, and give it some thought, you …

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  • Enviro

    Environmentally Friendly Lockers

    When you’re ordering lockers for your locker room, the environment might not be the first thing on your mind. The impact you’re making on the earth is worth a thought though, particularly if you’re considering lockers made of plastic or metal. A plastic locker, like …

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  • Lockers from Legacy Lockers are utilized by some of the most important people around.

    Community Heroes Have Lockers

    When you think of lockers, do you think of school children and athletes? Maybe you think about stowing your sneakers in the locker room at the gym. Have you ever given any thought to the very important people in your community who depend on lockers? …

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  • Midtown Photo Webmwc Lockers Panorama2jpg 22

    Need Help Cutting Out Clutter? A Locker Can Help.

    When you hear the word “locker,” it may call to mind images of locker rooms and school hallways. Lockers, however, have many more uses than just storing textbooks and athletic gear. Your business may be able to use storage lockers to stay on the right …

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  • Selecting Wood Lockers that Complement your Team Colors

    Selecting Wood Lockers that Complement Your Team Colors

    If you’re trying to design an upscale locker room, wood lockers are the obvious choice. Durable and visually pleasing, wood lockers elevate your locker room to an aesthetic far above the look of traditional gym lockers. But, did you know you could choose a wood …

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  • You Can Provide Your Team With A Locker Room That Influences The Spirit Of The Team With Quality Lockers From Legacy Lockers.

    Symbolic Meaning of a Locker Room – a Team’s Temple

    We’ve all heard that a man’s home is his castle, but where does that leave the locker room? For many teams, it’s their temple, where they go for fellowship, for contemplation, to reflect on their best moments and to revere their heroes. The reality is, …

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  • What your Lockers Say About your Facility and Organization

    What your Lockers Say About your Facility and Organization

    Lockers may not seem like an important part of your facility’s presentation, but in reality, they say a great deal about your organization. That’s because a locker room, or lockers in open areas, are more than just a place to change clothes and store personal …

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  • Lockers with Value - The Performance Series Locker

    Lockers with Value – The Performance Series Locker

    If you’re in the market for high-end lockers, you should be considering  laminate lockers. Laminate lockers can provide your facility with the look you want and a turnaround time that meets your scheduling needs. With the Performance Series lockers from Legacy Lockers, you can have …

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  • Lockers with value - The Club Series Locker

    Lockers with value – The Club Series Locker

    With custom wood lockers, you can design a locker room that is not only functional, but also attractive. Choosing a high-end build quality and finish for your wood lockers can elevate your locker room to a new level, making it more appealing to prospective customers. …

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