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    Fresh Cut: Locker Room Barber Series

    Have you considered hosting a barber in your locker room? It’s an unusual idea, but perhaps not for long. Locker room barbers are really taking off, especially in the world of college sports. It’s no surprise, really, that college team locker rooms would be on …

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    Locker Room Etiquette Tips

    If you spend any amount of time at the gym, you probably end up the locker room at some point. Do you practice good locker room etiquette? After a grueling workout, people can get grumpy. Knowing how to stay within your own boundaries can go …

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  • 5 Things Your Locker Needs Tw

    Top 5 Locker Must-Haves

    What’s in your locker? Obviously the stuff in your locker is the same stuff that came out of your gym bag, but what’s actually in there? It’s best to be prepared when you hit the gym, so here’s a handy checklist of the top five …

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  • Potpourri Clubhouse

    To Potpourri or Not to Potpourri Your Clubhouse

    Managing a clubhouse means deciding what type of ambience you want to promote, and determining how to do so. Your clubhouse can be a retreat for your guests, with elegant surroundings, and wooden lockers in the locker room, along with other amenities. To make it …

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    Tips for Removing Fall’s Funk from Your Locker Room

    The locker room: A place of camaraderie, team spirit and terrible smells. How can it be helped? The combination of sweat ripened gear, post-workout bodies, dank towels and stinky shoes leads to an inevitable stench in even the most upscale locker room. How do you …

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  • Design A Locker

    Top 10 Benefits of Switching to Wood Lockers

    Wood lockers add an ambience to the locker room at your gym or clubhouse that is unmistakable, giving your clientele a much more upscale experience than facilities with traditional metal lockers. But what makes wood lockers so special? Here are ten great benefits of switching …

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    Social Video & the Locker Room: What You Need to Know

    Before the digital age, locker room etiquette was pretty simple. Respect each other’s privacy, clean up after yourself and strive to coexist peacefully. Now, though, with the advent of the ubiquitous handheld digital device, the rules have become more complicated. How can club owners and …

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  • A Look at Legacy Lockers' Labor Methods

    A Look at Legacy Lockers’ Labor Methods

    Legacy Lockers is well known for creating luxury lockers that lend an elegant ambiance to upscale locker rooms. But what goes on behind the scenes at Legacy Lockers? To reach the end result of high quality custom lockers, you have to start with a beautifully …

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  • Clubhouse Loyalty

    How to Use FourSquare To Increase Clubhouse Loyalty

    For your clubhouse to be a success, it has to be a special place. You want your clients to feel comfortable enough there to frequent it, and to tell their friends about it. In making your clubhouse the best it can be, you’ve probably already …

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  • How to Outfit a Country Club Locker Room

    How to Outfit a Country Club Locker Room

    Are you working to create the perfect country club? How do you think your dollars are best spent, in terms of guest comfort? Are you paying enough attention to the locker room? The best country club is one that offers something more than the competition, …

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