Ski Lodge

Pardubice At home in the mountains - at ease in the lodge - Legacy Lockers is bringing a new world of storage solutions to ski lodges and ski resorts.

Ski Lodge Lockers

Legacy Lockers has worked with numerous facilities to provide attractive ski lodge lockers properly designed to securely store skis and boots. Whether using our drip pan at the bottom of the locker or our peg plate mounted to the side of the locker to hold skis vertical, our lockers can be constructed entirely from waterproof materials or our standard materials can be caulked on-site with silicone sealant for improved water-tightness.

Legacy Lockers Model A-1 locker (full length, 84 inches high) is a perfect size to store skis, poles, gloves and boots; while the model D-4 lockers can easily store ski boots and gloves. Whatever your needs, our experienced staff can help you configure the right storage solution for your ski resort.

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