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    Locker Room Etiquette Tips

    If you spend any amount of time at the gym, you probably end up in the locker room at some point. Do you practice good locker room etiquette? After a grueling workout, people can get grumpy. Knowing how to stay within your own boundaries can …

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  • What is in your locker

    Top 5 Locker Must-Haves

    What’s in your locker? Usually, the stuff in your locker is the same stuff that came out of your gym bag, but what’s actually in there? It’s best to be prepared when you hit the gym, so here’s a handy checklist of the top five …

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  • Find out the latest news in locker room technology

    The Latest In Locker Room Technology

    When you think about a locker room, “high tech” may not be the first descriptive term that comes to mind. However, as technology advances across all areas of life, it’s only logical that it would have an impact on locker room culture as well. Of …

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  • Assigning luxury lockers to new members

    How to Assign Luxury Lockers to New Organization Members

    Luxury locker assignment may not seem like a difficult task, but there are many factors to consider. When new members join your organization, you will find that having a checklist of considerations when assigning lockers can go a long way in protecting both the organization …

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  • Repurpose your old lockers and make room for the new

    Repurposing Your Old Lockers to Make Room for the New

    So, you’re getting new lockers! This is a really exciting step for your organization, especially if you’re upgrading from ordinary lockers to luxury lockers. The question will probably arise, however: what should you do with the lockers you’re replacing? Here are some great ideas to …

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  • Him and Her both benefit equally from wooden lockers

    Gender Differences: His vs Her Locker Room

    We all know that men and women are different, but does that necessarily impact the locker room? Locker rooms are one size fits all, aren’t they? Design experts say no, and it’s worth considering how the disparate needs of men and women should shape their …

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  • When you have inviting sports lockers, your guests feel more at home

    Luxury Lockers Invite Guests to Relax, Linger & Build Chemistry

    Luxury lockers are a good investment, because they raise the aesthetic appeal of your locker room, adding value to your club. But what’s the real appeal? Lockers are more than just a place to store things, and custom made luxury lockers can make all the …

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  • Freestanding lockers are perfect for restaurants and kitchens

    Lockers for Restaurants and Kitchens

    When you think of lockers, you probably think of locker rooms and health clubs. In truth, though, lockers are extremely versatile, perfect for storage needs in a wide variety of spaces. Have you ever thought about the implications of lockers for kitchens? Whether an industrial …

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  • Ways to honor greatness in the locker room

    Ways to Honor Greatness in the Locker Room

    Is your locker room full of heroes? If you work for a sports organization, a police station or a firehouse, your answer is probably yes. So how do you honor those among you who truly deserve it? Public recognition is wonderful, but there’s something intimate …

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  • Tasteful ways to decorate a locker room this holiday season

    Tasteful Ways to Decorate a Locker Room for the Holidays

    The holidays are approaching, and if you’re in charge of a health club or country club, you’re probably thinking about how to bring holiday cheer into the locker room. It’s a festive time of year, but decorating a shared space requires a light touch and …

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