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  • How Legacy Lockers Saves Student’s Backs During the School Year

    We’ve officially hit back-to-school season and children across the state are already loading up their backpacks with required reading materials and lunky textbooks.    While we understand that these books are essential to a student’s progress, the weight of their knowledge literally rests on their …

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  • 5 Things to Not Store in Lockers

    5 Things Locker Storage Was Not Built For

    Locker storage is a popular way to keep personal and professional items tucked away in public places like gyms, offices, and country clubs. While it is common knowledge that lockers are mainly used to store things like backpacks, purses, shoes, and gym clothes, there are …

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  • Legacy lockers provides our customers with beautiful wooden lockers

    Ways to Outfit a Ski Lodge Locker Room

    Is the locker room universal, or do different locations and activities require different types of locker rooms? This is a question worth asking, especially when you’re pondering a locker room in a ski lodge. How can you design your locker room to better accommodate skiers …

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  • Thank you for supporting Legacy lockers

    Locker Room Etiquette Tips

    If you spend any amount of time at the gym, you probably end up in the locker room at some point. Do you practice good locker room etiquette? After a grueling workout, people can get grumpy. Knowing how to stay within your own boundaries can …

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  • What is in your locker

    Top 5 Locker Must-Haves

    What’s in your locker? Usually, the stuff in your locker is the same stuff that came out of your gym bag, but what’s actually in there? It’s best to be prepared when you hit the gym, so here’s a handy checklist of the top five …

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  • Legacy Lockers discusses interior design trends

    Legacy Lockers’ Timeline of Interior Design

    At Legacy Lockers, we’re constantly monitoring trends & developments in interior design. Our customers have refined tastes, which is why they take the time to choose the perfect wooden lockers to make their locker rooms special. Of course, building a timeless locker room, like decorating …

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  • Find out the latest news in locker room technology

    The Latest In Locker Room Technology

    When you think about a locker room, “high tech” may not be the first descriptive term that comes to mind. However, as technology advances across all areas of life, it’s only logical that it would have an impact on locker room culture as well. Of …

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  • Repurpose your old lockers and make room for the new

    Repurposing Your Old Lockers to Make Room for the New

    So, you’re getting new lockers! This is a really exciting step for your organization, especially if you’re upgrading from ordinary lockers to luxury lockers. The question will probably arise, however: what should you do with the lockers you’re replacing? Here are some great ideas to …

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  • Freestanding lockers are perfect for restaurants and kitchens

    Lockers for Restaurants and Kitchens

    When you think of lockers, you probably think of locker rooms and health clubs. In truth, though, lockers are extremely versatile, perfect for storage needs in a wide variety of spaces. Have you ever thought about the implications of lockers for kitchens? Whether an industrial …

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  • Is it necessary to have locker doors

    Do Your Lockers Need Doors?

    Do your lockers need doors? If you’re designing a locker room or some other locker space, you’re probably caught up in a morass of details, from materials to locks, and aesthetic impact. If you take a step back, though, and give it some thought, you …

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