Legacy Lockers is setting the standard in higher education, with student lockers that compliment the very nature of your institution.

Educational & Student Lockers

Legacy Lockers has successfully equipped many medical, law, graduate and private schools nationwide with student lockers.

Legacy Lockers utilizes the full range of configurations to accommodate the unique storage requirements of students and facilities. The most common configuration is the Model B-2 corridor locker. Typically ranging from 12 to 15 inches wide and 20 inches deep, our corridor lockers are routinely installed with a MasterLock combination lock mechanism as these lockers are usually assigned to a student for at least a semester. Our combination locks are all master keyed so facility staff can access the lockers when required.

Legacy Lockers can also manufacture open cubby classroom lockers for students, laptop lockers, storage cabinets for teachers, and other customized configurations designed to meet your unique storage requirement. Legacy Lockers has even designed and built musical instrument lockers in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Let our experienced staff help you determine which configuration, locking mechanism and size locker can set your school apart from the typical metal corridor locker. Click on the gallery link to the left to see some of our beautiful education lockers.

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