Fitness Club Lockers

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Custom Gym Lockers for Athletic Locker Rooms

Custom Locking Mechanisms For Gym Lockers

A proper fitness center locker room must allow the member to conveniently utilize their wood locker. High-quality locking mechanisms are extremely important in the locker room of a fitness club as multiple members typically use the same locker throughout the day. While the padlock hasp is considered the “standard” lock for the fitness industry, Legacy Lockers offers the widest range of locking mechanisms in the industry. Please visit our lock information page to review the available options or call your sales representative for suggestions and pricing information.

Custom Sizes & Configurations

As each members’ needs are different, fitness clubs typically integrate multiple configurations (Model A-1, B-2, C-3, F-6, G-2, and Z-2) of lockers to provide members a wide selection of sizes. Our engineering staff has even designed each locker with multiple configurations that can be integrated into the same run of lockers.

High-Quality Locker Doors

Fitness lockers typically have either a plastic laminate or slab veneer door style; however, high-end clubs will opt for Raised Panel, Raised Panel Louver, Full Louver, or Custom door styles. Valance or crown molding is a desirable option for upscale clubs seeking a way to keep items off the top of the lockers or to conceal above-locker lighting.

Efficient Use of Space

Fitness lockers typically have the bare essentials on the interior as members prefer basic storage with fast, easy access, and are not looking for a storage closet. We understand that your front desk does not need to be bothered when a member loses items in the dead space where lockers corner, so we cap each corner at installation.

We have even created a cost-effective wallet locker for members that do not use the locker room but would prefer not to carry their wallet, cell phone, and keys around the workout area. The wallet locker can mount to the front desk or on the wall and offers a convenient and secure storage option for your members.

Locker Room Essentials

You can’t forget one the second most important feature in a gym locker room, the seating. Having high-quality wood benches is essential to your fitness center locker room. Not only will this give your fitness center members a place to sit and set their belongings, but it will also tie the room together.

Legacy Lockers also offers vanity stations and towel stations integrated into locker runs, and we have designed custom units to maximize storage space for the maintenance staff.

Click on the gallery images below to see some of the beautiful fitness club locker room environments Legacy Lockers has helped create.

Then let the experienced staff at Legacy Lockers help you create the functional locker room your fitness club needs and your members require.

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