Resort & Spa

The guest locker room of a hotel, resort, or spa strongly reinforces the perception of quality and service and deserves the very best quality lockers.

Custom Wood Lockers for Hotels, Resorts, & Spas

Beautiful yet functional; the hotel, resort, and spa locker room helps reinforce the guest perception of quality and service. That opinion is initially set by the quality of the locker door; making the warmth of Wood Veneer, Recessed Panel, Raised Panel, Raised Panel Louver, and Full Louver doors the most popular selections for these environments.

Wooden spa lockers typically contain a hanging robe, slippers as well as soaps and shampoos, and other toiletries; so ample storage space is a requirement and our spa lockers are typically 12-15 inches wide and 20 inches deep. Most spa lockers feature a coat rod, though a ceiling hook is also a common option.

Legacy Lockers Model A-1 and B-2 lockers are typically specified for spa environments; though our Model Z locker is also a popular configuration. The Model Z locker provides room for hanging garments in a space-saving double tier locker. By adding a vertical divider with shelves, the Model Z locker can conveniently store the guest’s items along with any amenities you provide.

Since spa lockers are typically used by multiple guests throughout the day, the locking mechanism is extremely important. The Digilock ATS “Temporary” use lock is an excellent keypad locking mechanism that allows the guest to enter their own code and lock their locker. Upon returning to the locker and re-entering their code, the lock resets, forgets the previous code, and is ready for the next user. The Digilock Manager Key can be used to open the locker should a guest forget their code. Another typical locking mechanism for spa lockers is the standard key lock with key tag and wristband.

Legacy Lockers also provides modified towel stations that allow guests to discard their robe, towels, and slippers prior to leaving the locker room. This allows staff to focus on the customer and not locker room maintenance.

Our experienced staff is ready to help you create a relaxing, beautiful, and exclusive locker room for your facility. Check out our gallery to see some of the recent spa environments we have helped create.

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