Golf & Country Club Lockers

Legacy Lockers is keenly aware how important your locker room is,
and that you want the very best for your members and guests!

The Locker Room Is a Defining Area of Your Clubhouse

The clubhouse locker room is the one area members visit on virtually every trip to your facility. It provides the common ground for comradery, friendly competition, and business. It also helps instill confidence in every member that joining your facility was the right choice. It should also impress prospective members and help differentiate your club from others. Legacy Lockers is keenly aware of how important your locker room is and takes great pride in being one of America’s premier sources of custom lockers.

Golf & country club lockers are typically single-tier, or full height, lockers at least 15 inches wide, and feature solid wood doors (Raised Panel, Raised Panel Louver, Recessed Panel, Full Louver or Custom) with engraved nameplates and a custom knob or pull. The larger size provides ample storage space for multiple pairs of golf shoes, dozens of golf balls, hats, gloves, shirts, and pants without wrinkling or cramming. Most specifications also call for upscale interior amenities such as drawers, cubby towers, cantilever shelves, and lockboxes; with matched crown molding to complete the visual presentation.

Legacy Lockers has successfully completed hundreds of distinctive golf and country club locker room projects, and we’re ready for yours. We have worked with locker room managers across the nation to ensure every detail is worked out such as locker doors close even with shoes placed in front of the locker; ready availability of master and replacement locker keys and even blank nameplates with your club logo that function as placeholders until lockers are assigned to members.

Let the experienced staff at Legacy Lockers help you create and maintain the beautiful locker room setting your members desire and your club deserves.

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