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Custom Wood Lockers Improve Football Facilities at Benedictine University

Benedictine University’s recent construction of the Borsellino Family Football Center, which includes brand new custom wood lockers from Legacy Lockers, did more than improve the facilities for the thriving athletic program.

A Timely Transformation

The improvements to the school’s football facilities were a welcomed change for a team coming off two conference  championships. From the vibrant color palette exemplifying school spirit to the custom wooden football lockers with personalized nameplates, every detail of the project was considered with the each player in mind.

These facilities do more than help boost team morale; with everything from highly functional shower and locker room areas to high-tech equipment that greatly improves strategic planning for games.  Benedictine University now has the ultimate tools for recruiting the nation’s best players to Lisle, IL.

Personal Touches and Legacy Lockers

Legacy Lockers takes a great deal of pride for its role in transforming the Borsellino Family Football Centerwith wood lockers that added comfort, functionality and style, creating first class furnishings for a first class athletic program.

The personal touches are what make the facilities so special, from the materials and colors used to the cushion seat integrating the Benedictine logo.. The custom wood lockers were made to the school’s specifications using the best materials available. Nameplate holders were strategically placed  adding a personal touch to give players a sense of pride, achievement and belonging. In addition, the Benedictine football team’s accomplishments over the years are prominently displayed so that both players and visitors are continuously reminded of past and present successes.

State-of-the-art Athletics

The Borsellino Family’s Football Center is  now a high-quality, state-of-the-art  collegiate sports facility, and Legacy Lockers played a significant role in making that happen. For more information, visit or call 866-291-3395 today.

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