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Locker Room Etiquette Tips

If you spend any amount of time at the gym, you probably end up in the locker room at some point. Do you practice good locker room etiquette? After a grueling workout, people can get grumpy. Knowing how to stay within your own boundaries can go a long way in sustaining a friendly atmosphere.

Keep it covered

It’s good to feel at home in the locker room, but not too at home. You might be comfortable with your body in all of its glory, but your peers may not be. If nothing else, wrap up in a towel.

The humble towel has many uses- acquaint yourself with them

In addition to the aforementioned body covering, the towel can be used for drying your body before you step onto the communal floor and create puddles that can pose slipping hazards. If you accidentally do create one of these locker room lakes, guess what? You can use your towel to clean it up! If you don’t have a towel and have created a mess, alert a staff member that can help you clean it up so you avoid any slips or accidents.

Refrain from staring

Life can be hard. As a result, we don’t all have “perfect” bodies. Some people have scars, burns, regrettable tattoos or even extra toes. Be nice. Don’t stare.

The gym is not your personal hygiene spot

Don’t clip your toenails or wax your legs in the locker room.

Keep your showers short

Aside from the fact that long showers waste water, it’s just rude to spend a long time in there when others are waiting. It is perfectly acceptable to shower or get ready for work or an event after a workout, but there are some personal hygiene activities that are best to do at home.

Wash your hands

You don’t have to be a germaphobe to know that it’s important to wash your hands any time you’re in a restroom. A locker room is no different. It’s damp and often warm, making it a great place for germs and bacteria.

Don’t be greedy

Don’t take too many towels, or too much bench space, or too much time running the water. All you need to do is be mindful of the fact that you’re sharing the space with others, and you’ll remember to share.

Be friendly, but not too friendly

Everyone enjoys a smile or a bit of conversation, but it’s best to wait until they’ve put their pants on.

Lock your locker

It’s called a locker because it’s meant to be locked. If your locker room doesn’t provide a lock, bring one of your own. They aren’t liable for your lost or stolen goods, you are. Speak to the club manager about updating their lockers and adding locks if you’ve noticed a theft problem.

Respect the staff

Your mom probably doesn’t work in the locker room, but if she did, she’d tell you to clean up after yourself. Recognize that gym employees aren’t servants and keep the locker room clean.

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