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  • Is it necessary to have locker doors

    Do Your Lockers Need Doors?

    Do your lockers need doors? If you’re designing a locker room or some other locker space, you’re probably caught up in a morass of details, from materials to locks, and aesthetic impact. If you take a step back, though, and give it some thought, you …

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  • Community heroes have wooden lockers

    Community Heroes Have Lockers

    When you think of lockers, do you think of school children and athletes? Maybe you think about stowing your sneakers in the locker room at the gym. Have you ever given any thought to the very important people in your community who depend on lockers? …

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  • Custom metal lockers for musicians

    Music Instrument Storage Lockers

    Storage lockers are versatile, and can be used to store everything from cleaning supplies and sporting equipment to clothing and schoolbooks. One type of item that requires specific customization in storage lockers, though, is a musical instrument. Musical instruments come in a wide variety of …

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  • Ski Equipment Storage Lockers

    Every ski lodge needs proper ski equipment storage. In the case of Element 52, they wanted luxury and top quality for their guests. Legacy Lockers worked with the new private condominium to design lockers large enough for skis but with the beauty and style of …

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  • Music Instrument Storage Lockers

    Musical instruments like violins and tubas are not easy items to store. There are multiple unique sizes, from small to large and every size in between. So when designing a locker room, custom lockers are the only solution to make sure you have the right …

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  • Wooden storage lockers

    What Should You Do With Your Storage Lockers?

    Locker rooms are busy places that are meant to hold more than a person’s clothes while they are out, and that is why it is important to create a separate set of storage lockers that complete the room. Cleaning equipment, sporting equipment, and other necessities …

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