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Elements to Consider When Designing Custom Wood Lockers

Depending on the quality and workmanship, beautifully designed wood lockers can easily become the centerpiece of any locker room, whether it’s at a posh country club or a rugged baseball stadium. When considering custom lockers for your business, it’s essential to consider those key elements that will add versatility, durability and style to the area where they will be highlighted. Consider the following important points when thinking about the ideal design for your locker room’s custom wood lockers:

  • Type of wood. The best thing about wood is its versatility and strength. With so many varieties available, it’s important to design wood lockers that best fit your style and budget. For instance, a five-star resort may be inclined to select exotic woods such as cherry or alder, to complement the resort’s overall design and style. An athletic club, on the other hand, might select a wood or other material that is sturdier and more economical. Other things to consider are environmental factors, as some woods may require more care when exposed to moisture and heat.
  • Locker features. The features of wood lockers must be fitting with the application for which they will be used. A locker at a golf club, for example, may require compartments, shelves and closet space for equipment such as shoes, clubs, and clothes. In addition, lockbox compartments and secured sections might be necessary. Likewise, in a spa, seating compartments complete with mirror backings and shelves will add to the overall relaxation while providing convenience to users.
  • Locker and door specifications. The right wood locker design takes into account the overall image of your business. A rugged, sturdy environment such as a team locker room or a fitness center may wish to maintain a minimalist style for its lockers, while more sophisticated environments, like resorts or golf clubs, may opt for more intricate styles with details such as louvered, raised or recessed panels in various finishes.
  • Quality of craftsmanship. Whether you need wood sports lockers or another type of custom design, it is absolutely crucial to seek the work of a skilled, experienced and highly qualified custom locker designer who can create a model that will suit your needs. Poor craftsmanship will almost always lead to costly maintenance. Someone with a high level of craftsmanship and professionalism, however, will understand the importance of using great quality materials to create pieces that will stand the test of time with minimal maintenance and cost to you or your business.

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