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Have Your Custom Wood Lockers Bring the Room Together

When investing in a set of custom wood lockers, there are obvious items that need to be taken into consideration. What size should the lockers be, how should they be designed and utilized to create the best functional benefit, and how should the lockers look when they are finished? A lot of time is spent on the first two parts since lockers by nature were created to serve a special purpose. However, while contemplating the best way to get the most use out of your lockers, it is important to not forget about how the finished product will look. A great locker can solve a lot of the problems you are facing, but if they look like an eye sore that don’t serve their purpose, no one will want to use them. Legacy Lockers offers a wide range of colors and finishes to give you most well designed lockers that are not only functional but also look great.

The first thing you need to consider when designing your custom wood lockers is the existing space. If there are existing wood furnishings, trim, or other examples of existing woodwork, it is best to try to match them to bring continuity to the room. For older spaces, this will give the lockers a more natural appearance as well as keeping the existing architecture and furnishings relevant. When building new lockers, you want it to look like it was part of the original construction. If you are adding lockers for a school or sports team, the team colors should also be a consideration. Legacy Lockers has a wide range of woods and wood finishes to make your locker room appear as one coherent piece. In fact, with our ten wood species and 45 finishes, finding the right combination will be a breeze.

After you have decided on the type of wood for your custom wood lockers, it’s time to consider their surroundings. Locker rooms are generally areas where water, air moisture, and sweat will be prevalent. Keep this in mind when choosing a wood finish since it will have to stand up to these damp conditions. Wanting your lockers to last is an important piece of the puzzle, so it’s important to discuss the condition the lockers are surrounded by when planning your custom build. This concept should also be applied to any future repairs. Legacy Lockers can tell you about how the wood finishes stand up to water, as well as how much they would cost should they need repair or maintenance.

Legacy Lockers can turn your custom wood lockers into something more than a highly functional addition. They can become a great way to tie your space together in a way that will make heads turn. With a large selection of woods, finishes, edge bands, and interiors, you are sure to find the winning combination.

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