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  • Custom wood lockers

    7 Ways You Can Benefit from Wood Lockers

    Wood lockers add an ambiance to the locker room at your gym or clubhouse that is unmistakable, giving your clientele a much more upscale experience than facilities with traditional metal lockers. But what makes wood lockers so special? Here are seven great benefits of switching …

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  • potpourri for your clubhouse locker room?

    To Potpourri or Not to Potpourri Your Clubhouse

    Managing a clubhouse means deciding what type of ambience you want to promote, and determining how to do so. Your clubhouse can be a retreat for your guests, with elegant surroundings, and wooden lockers in the locker room, along with other amenities. To make it …

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  • Taking a look back at our favorite wooden locker blogs

    Blog #100! A Look Back at Some of our Favorite Wooden Locker Blogs

    At Legacy Locker, we’re pretty fond of the wooden locker. We understand a set of these luxury lockers can enhance a locker room and bring an elevated sense of style to an otherwise utilitarian space. How much do we love wooden lockers? More than 100 …

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  • The perfect temperature for wooden lockers

    What’s the Perfect Temperature for Wooden Lockers

    Wooden lockers give your locker room a polished look, elevating your design to a higher standard of elegance. As the weather gets colder, however, and you need to raise the indoor temperature to accommodate your guests, you might worry that what’s comfortable for your clientele …

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  • Custom metal lockers for musicians

    Music Instrument Storage Lockers

    Storage lockers are versatile, and can be used to store everything from cleaning supplies and sporting equipment to clothing and schoolbooks. One type of item that requires specific customization in storage lockers, though, is a musical instrument. Musical instruments come in a wide variety of …

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  • Freestanding wooden lockers

    Wall Lockers vs. Freestanding Lockers

    When you’re purchasing lockers, deciding between wall lockers and freestanding lockers can be a difficult decision. Of course, you’ll have to take into account your use of the lockers, whether you need storage lockers, school lockers, or gym lockers. You’ll also have to choose the …

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  • Legacy Lockers will exhibit at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show

    Legacy Lockers to exhibit at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show

    Legacy Lockers is excited to announce that they will take part in the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla., from Jan. 22-24. Legacy Lockers will present its Golf & Country Club locker line of products to country clubs and golfers at this prestigious conference, …

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  • Top 2013 Locker from Legacy Lockers

    The Top Locker Videos of 2013 from Legacy Lockers

    1. Lockers for Dry Cleaning | Legacy Lockers Legacy Lockers worked with the dry cleaner to create a system that functioned within small spaces of office buildings and apartments. The lockers also had to fit seamlessly into the luxury look of the locations. Legacy Lockers designed a …

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  • Legacy Lockers manufactures and sales custom lockers

    The Top Locker Blogs of 2013 from Legacy Lockers

    1. Lockers for Sale | Using Your Old Lockers to Make Room for Custom Lockers  You have found custom lockers for sale from a reputable builder and installer, but you need to make room in your facility for the new custom lockers. What should you do with …

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  • The well-equipped custom locker

    Custom Lockers | The Well-Equipped Locker

    Custom lockers add to the design and functionality of your facilities, giving your guests something to truly enjoy as they use them. But custom lockers don’t need to be overcomplicated or super-stuffed with useless, fancy features. The key to a great custom wood locker is …

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