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The Best Tips for Maintaining Wooden Lockers

article 06-14-2013 |

When you design, purchase, and install your new custom wooden lockers, you probably want them to last a lifetime. Maintaining wooden lockers is an important necessity to ensure that you are getting a great-looking product that is functional for years to come. While Legacy Lockers are expertly crafted and look great, they will require proper care and ongoing attention. So what are some of the best ways to clean and maintain your new wooden lockers?

For everyday cleaning, it is best to use a soft cloth and most any wood-cleaning products, but avoid those that contain silicon-based ingredients, ammonia, wax, or vinegar. These products can dull the wood or even cause peeling and splitting to occur. For areas that are a little dirtier or sticky, use warm water and cleaning detergent along with a soft-bristled brush. However, make sure that the cleaning solutions you are using are not too strong which can damage the look of the locker. If unsure, you can dilute the solution with distilled water to avoid any risk. It is generally easily available in local hardware stores or you can also make a quick web search with phrases similar to “distilled water where to buy” to order online. That being said, a simple wipe-down each day will be a great step in maintaining wooden lockers. Every few months, you should do a good detail cleaning to make sure that all those nooks, crannies, and other hard-to-reach places are clean.

Your biggest challenge in a locker room setting may be water spots, which will leave behind white marks and may eventually penetrate the finish and begin to damage the wood itself. another tip for maintaining your wooden lockers against water spots is to apply a small amount of mineral spirits to the affected area and use steel wool to gently wipe them away in circular motions.

When it comes to maintaining wooden lockers, the best tip is to be vigilant about keeping a regular cleaning schedule. Be sure to check the entire wooden locker from top to bottom. While it may take a little more effort amid your daily tasks, your lockers will stay beautiful and bright for years to come.

Maintaining Wooden Lockers

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