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Why Your Business Should Choose Lockers Over Storage Units

No matter the industry, eventually, businesses will begin to gather paperwork or small knick-knacks that take up space, gather dust and need somewhere to go (aside from the trash bin).

Some business owners may not want to keep anything out of use in your sight and opt for renting a unit from a third-party storage company. Although this may seem like a good idea for the short term, here are a few major reasons why owners should invest in locker storage over paying someone else to hold onto their unused wares.

Custom Lockers Are an Investment in Your Brand

Even if you invest in custom lockers for pure storage use, they are still an investment made into your company! When you rent a storage unit, your money is going into someone else’s pocket every month. 

With custom constructed lockers, you make a one-time payment, create an on-site storage space for your valuables, and have the opportunity to give them a look that matches your aesthetic. 

Lockers will give you years of use that make your initial purchase worthwhile, where a storage unit is a consistent financial drain.

Security can Be Scarce in a Storage Center

Your business likely has security that you trust. With a storage center, you have to put your faith in third-party security, which is sometimes non-existent. 

Lockers on-site allow you to store items away with the peace of mind that the security you’ve already implemented into your brand will protect your lockers from theft and damage.

You Save More Money in the Long-Term

Storage units come with many hidden costs and services you’ll pay for that you may not even need. Premium insurance fees and monthly costs can add up to thousands of dollars per year. 

Locker installation is a one-time purchase that drastically offsets the costs that you’d end up paying over the years to a storage company. More money saved is cash that you can use to build up your own empire, not someone else’s.

You’ll Care More About What Goes Into Your Lockers

Storage units tend to be a place where businesses hoard unwanted items. This usually leads to a packed storage space that takes days or even weeks to clear out when the time comes. 

Lockers may not be ideal for packing away furniture, but smaller items like old documents, office supplies, or spare equipment fit nicely. You want your storage space to be something used wisely, not as a hideaway. 

Lockers give you an advantage over storage units because now you have greater insight into what you truly need to save and what can actually be thrown away or donated.

Reap the Benefits of Smart Self-Storage with Legacy Lockers

Legacy Lockers is a nationally recognized brand that brings our 65 plus years of craftsmanship to every project we create. Our custom lockers can be designed to fit almost any space, and the amenities customers can choose from making their purchase a versatile investment.

Contact us today to learn more about our custom locker options and how to create your unique product specs.

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