Why You Should Move Lockers Out of the Locker Room

Tây Ninh 06-27-2014 |

Lockers logically belong in locker rooms, right? Since the dawn of lockers, that’s where they’ve resided, closeted away in a place where people can change their clothes in privacy, perhaps even making use of a shower. In many modern fitness clubs, however, the idea of lockers in locker rooms is becoming outdated. Is there a compelling reason to move them out?

Economy of space is one reason. Many club owners and managers are beginning to feel that the space formerly allotted for locker rooms could be put to use that is more productive. Locker rooms can get expensive and infringe on space that could be used for fitness machines or programs. This seems wasteful, when lockers are not what draws people to an athletic facility and especially when people do not use lockers.

Factoring into the move away from locker rooms is the reality of how clients use fitness clubs. For the most part, people are no longer showering at the club, but are arriving already dressed and ready to begin exercising. When that’s the case, lockers become no more than storage lockers for shoes and keys, and it’s more cost effective to have them centrally located in the main area of the club.

Of course, if you’re going to put the lockers on display where everyone can see them, you can’t get away with as much wear and tear as you’d find in a locker room. This is a good time to invest in attractive wooden lockers in order to make a good impression on the clientele and prospective clients. In your smaller locker room, too, you can include certain niceties that you wouldn’t necessarily consider if you had to invest a lot of money in a large number of lockers and allot a great deal of space to them. In short, you can make your facility more convenient to your guests by paying attention to how they use lockers and locker rooms and adjusting your amenities accordingly.

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