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Why Private Lockers Are Your Best Bet for Office Safety

As Texas begins to further open its office doors during a modern Pandemic, businesses must find ways to keep their employees safe upon their return to work. Although required masks are a great first step to safety, an owner must consider social distancing and minimizing the possibility of infected surface items coming into contact with clean areas.

At Legacy Lockers, our finger is on the pulse of Texas’ grand re-opening. One of our suggestions for keeping employees safe is through personal lockers with smart locks that offer increased comfort and safety.

Here’s a closer look at how private lockers will soon revolutionize workplace safety.

Lockers Can Require Minimal Interaction

Offices, hospitals, and school districts all implement locker use with their employees. Today, many people are wary of using lockers due to the possibility of lingering germs from past users.

However, specialty smart locks eliminate the need for dials and buttons and vastly increase the safety of your work environment for employees.

Your location’s lockers can easily be installed with smart locks that minimize physical contact between locker and user. Through the use of programmable RFID and card locks, entry is granted with merely the tap of a card.

Specialty Lockers Can Enforce Distance Requirements

Not only are smart locks an effective method for reducing interaction but they can also be programmed to help your office enforce social distancing requirements. With programmable locks, no longer will your locker space be a hub of crowded employees.

Business owners can now program lockers to be available at specific times for specific groups of employees. We advise you to take advantage of modern technology and program your lockers to be accessed with ample social distance between employee units. This, combined with mask requirements will effectively help you keep your employees healthy and business operating normally.

They Are Simple to Keep Clean

The veneer and wood lockers we provide to our clients are simple products to keep clean. However, diligence is required on an owner’s behalf. As long as lockers are disinfected between employee uses, your business will have a safe, clean place for people to store their belongings, isolated away from other personal items.

Enjoy Contact-Free Locks and Accessories Through Legacy Lockers

Your business shouldn’t have to worry about infected items scattered around the workplace. Let Legacy Lockers provide a private place for your employee’s personal items throughout the workday. Minimize risk and invest in the future of business safety with the help of our quality lockers, locks, and related products. Contact us today to learn more about our lockers and how to get started creating a set for your building’s specs.

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