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When it Comes to Locker Room Design & Innovation, Wood is Good Just the Way it Is.

What comes to mind when you picture a locker room? You might envision a room full of padlocked lockers with wooden benches and towels flung about, or you might think of posh surroundings, full of the latest technological advancements and design trends. No matter what you’re imagining, there’s a common denominator in every locker room- lockers. Knowing that the focal point of a locker room is the lockers, choosing wood lockers is a good way to create a classic design.

Perhaps the best thing about using wood for your lockers is that it offers such flexibility in design. Unlike metal lockers, which have a pretty standard appearance, wood lockers can be customized to fit your design ideas. Whether you want your locker room to have the feel of an old-fashioned country club or a sleek, modern look, you can’t go wrong with wood.

Wood is an environmentally friendly choice, too. The only renewable building material with a growing cycle that benefits the environment, wood grows through photosynthesis. It doesn’t cause allergies or give off toxins through off-gassing as some synthetic materials can, and it even absorbs atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Wooden lockers are extremely practical for a variety of reasons. Durable and water-resistant, they last for many years. They’re sturdy and can take a lot of wear and don’t rust as metal lockers can.  In terms of ambiance, they’re an excellent choice because they absorb sound and lessen echoes, and that can make a noisy locker room more pleasant for its users.

What’s your vision for your locker room? Do you want it to be stylish as well as functional, comfortable instead of just utilitarian? If the idea is to create something timeless, Legacy Lockers can help, with custom wood lockers to fit every aesthetic sensibility.

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