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What’s the Perfect Temperature for Wooden Lockers

Wooden lockers give your locker room a polished look, elevating your design to a higher standard of elegance. As the weather gets colder, however, and you need to raise the indoor temperature to accommodate your guests, you might worry that what’s comfortable for your clientele may not be the best choice for your wooden lockers. Rest assured, high quality wooden lockers from Legacy Lockers are durable to remain in good condition at any temperature you choose.
It’s easy to understand having consternation over the temperature at which you keep your wooden lockers. After all, when you store wooden furniture, it’s best to keep it in climate-controlled storage, to prevent the wood from warping, cracking or otherwise sustaining damage. Fortunately, Legacy’s lockers are safe at any regular temperature range. For optimal comfort for your guests, and to keep your lockers in premium condition, you probably want to keep the temperature in your locker room right around 70°, no matter what the temperature is outside.
What about moisture? Though water is normally wood’s natural enemy, causing mold and mildew damage, and even cracking and rotting, Legacy Lockers’ beautiful wooden lockers are waterproofed to easily stand up to various levels of moisture. From humidity, to a damp swimsuit, Legacy Lockers are made to handle the moisture. Made with a modified substrate material, these aquatic lockers can endure whatever conditions your facility is likely to require of them.
If you’re in the market for luxury lockers that are long lasting and attractive, Legacy Lockers can help. Providing high quality wooden lockers in a variety of design options, Legacy Lockers is committed to excellence in both workmanship and customer service. For further tips and information, like Legacy Lockers on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or visit the website to learn how to order the perfect custom lockers for your locker room.

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