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What to Look for in Bids from Locker Companies

If you’re designing or refurbishing a locker room, you’re probably shopping around among locker companies. Evaluating numerous bids can be overwhelming, though, and requires some careful thought. To make sure you’re comparing the right factors of the bids from different locker companies, consider the following questions.

  • If you need installation, does the bid include the work of a quality installer? Especially with high-quality wood lockers, you’ll want them installed by a skilled professional.
  • Are the options on the lockers equal? Which locker companies offer the services of someone who will help you find all the right options for your project? You want to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples when reviewing and considering multiple bids. Make sure you’re looking at the same quality of locker, with the same options, and the same level of experience in design and installation.
  • Will you be able to buy replacement parts in the future? Sometimes locker parts are discontinued, or companies go out of business. Replacing entire lockers just because of a few faulty parts is wasteful and expensive, so choose a reliable company that will take care of you in the future. Legacy Lockers ensures they can supply the parts you will need for years to come.  
  • Can you order matching lockers at a later time if an expansion is needed?  Again, it’s important to look for locker companies with some staying power. Make sure the company you choose will be around when it’s time for you to expand your facilities.
  • If you need your old lockers removed, is this service included in the bid? Locker removal is a hassle, so having someone else do it is a valuable service. If one bid includes it, and another does not, those bids are not comparing the same thing.

Remember, locker companies are not all the same, and a bid is more than just the numbers. Whether you’re installing gym lockers or school lockers, you’ll want to choose a company that has experience and a reputation for high-quality workmanship. With over 65 years of woodworking experience, Legacy Lockers is a leading producer of customized American-made lockers. To learn more, fill out the form below or call (866) 291-3395.   

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