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What Do You Play? | Determining Your Sports Locker Layout

For those in charge of both educational and athletic facilities, there may not be a clear distinction between a sports locker and a school locker. Many consider the two types of lockers are interchangeable when, in fact, both locker styles are quite different-in terms of style and purpose.

Nowhere does that fact become more evident than when facility managers and athletic directors plan the sports locker layout of an athletic facility. That process isn’t always easy as they decide the best layout in an effort to maximize performance and functionality. Moreover, if the school is providing sports activities, it could be financially difficult for them to provide additional facilities like sports gear and lockers. But they can explore team fundraiser ideas that can help them cover all the monetary expenses of players as well as provide quality locker rooms and other facilities..

Considerations for Sports Locker Layouts

As you plan the layout of your new or renovated athletic facility, several factors will influence the build, style and features of the sports lockers. Chances are these are not merely school or even gym lockers; these lockers will house an athlete’s uniforms, equipment, clothes and incidentals throughout a season or perhaps even an entire school year.

Here are some of the most important things to consider as you plan a sports locker room.

  1. What sports will be accommodated? The dimensions, style, and storage capacity of the sports lockers will depend on the sport played by the athletes using them. For instance, football players will need compartments for their helmets, pads and uniforms. Other sports, like baseball or lacrosse, will need different types of storage space.
  2. Will the lockers be assigned? In many athletic facilities, lockers are shared between athletes, but other facilities assign lockers to their players. If you are assigning lockers, you may add details to the design, such as nameplates or particular photos or carvings.
  3. Will there be team storage as well as lockers? Team storage is usually designated for large pieces of sports equipment that are too big to fit into the athlete’s personal locker. In such instances, team storage lockers must be easily accessible, yet not intrusive on the space designed for athlete’s sports lockers.
  4. Do you need locks? If so, what kind? Depending on the type of locker and whether they are assigned, you may need a specific type of lock, such as a combination lock. If the lockers are to be used by more than one person, it’s important to keep belongings as secure as possible.

The layout of sports lockers is an important part of any athletic facility, and certainly of any collegiate or high school program. Careful preparation can make sports lockers a tremendous asset. Legacy Lockers provides a team locker spec builder that can help you determine the perfect solution for the locker needs in your facility. To work with Legacy Lockers, call us today at 866-291-3395.


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