Track Usage and Survey Users before Upgrading your Locker Room

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Upgrading a locker room is challenging and can be somewhat complicated and expensive. It’s easy, however, to miss the mark during an upgrade and end up with a locker room that’s not the most functional space for the people who use it. Enlisting the services of a professional to design a space that is both attractive and user friendly is a great idea, but it’s an even better idea to solicit input from the actual users before creating a renovation plan.

Traditionally, locker rooms have been sizable, built with the assumption that people would not just use them for showering and dressing, but would also spend time in them afterward – perhaps socializing. The modern reality is that most people show up at the fitness facility ready to work out and leave shortly after they’re finished.

This means that the lockers they use are simply short-term storage lockers, which indicates that clubs do not need as many of them as before. Lockers in fitness facilities are not like school lockers, which are assigned to individuals and see extended use from one user. In fact, some fitness facilities are now making the decision to go with much smaller locker rooms, keeping lockers, for the most part, out in the main area of the club where people can store their things and keep an eye on where they’re stored.

The only way to know if this is a viable option for your particular club is to pay attention to how users are behaving. Track the usage of the locker room and lockers, as well as the bathrooms and showers. You can even conduct a survey to ask for input from your clientele before you make an investment in improving your club.

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