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Top Locker Considerations Before Reopening

COVID-19 has disrupted our way of life in both socially and economically ways. Many businesses were forced to close down until further notice, and people are more concerned than ever about how their products are being handled.

However, with the possibility of an economic reopening on the horizon, buy Lyrica tablets uk there’s no doubt that many locations like gyms, spas, and schools may be on the hunt for fresh, germ-free lockers.

If your business is ready for a change in its storage possibilities, keep these considerations in mind before you make a final decision on the type of locker you order.

Different Types of Lockers on the Market

When most people think about lockers, the loud, clanging metal lockers of the past immediately come to mind. Not only do these lockers fail to stand the test of time, but they can’t provide you the visibly attractive look your site needs. When shopping for new lockers, think beyond non-customizable options and buy stromectol scabies online consider wood or laminate lockers to complete the finished look you want.

We specialize in these two products because not only are they beautiful, but with proper maintenance in place they will provide a lasting value for your location. Not only will these lockers last, but they are completely customizable. If your business or school has specific colors or logos you want used throughout your lockers, specific design customization is our specialty.

Remember, think outside of the box if you want to impress your clientele at your grand reopening. Reap the benefits of wood lockers and laminate lockers today with the help of Legacy Lockers on your side.

Different Lock Options

Although we talk a lot about style, we also believe that your customers should always have a clean locker to access. Sure, laminate lockers are simple to disinfect, but have you ever considered how germ-infested your actual locks are?

With us as your manufacturer, you can completely eliminate the lock and key or combination lock and improve your locker’s safety with locks that allow for minimal contact upon access.

Some of the contact-free and easy-to-sanitize locks we provide health-conscious customers include:

  • Mechanical Keyless Locks
  • Card Locks
  • Code Locks
  • RFID Systems

Shipping Specifics

This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but so many customers don’t review the shipping specifics surrounding large quantity or larger sized orders. This often results in late deliveries, or unexpected extra expenses if freight delivery is necessary (as is the case for most lockers).

Aside from knowing about your supplier’s procedures, you should always have a clear understanding of your location’s needs. Before you buy, remember to have a set plan of when you need your lockers delivered and ensure that your manufacturer can deliver your products on time for self-assembly.

Keep Your Belongings Sanitary and Secure With Legacy Lockers

In order for your loyal customers to remain so, you’ll have to prove to them that your facilities are sanitary from your lobby down to the state of your locker room. At cenforce vs viagra Legacy Lockers, we understand that cleanliness is a priority, and that’s why we strive to ensure that every order we ship out is handled properly and delivered with as little physical social interaction as possible.

If you’re ready to invest in new lockers for your grand reopening, we are here to make the process simple. Reach out to us today to learn more about our locker options and how we’ve successfully helped businesses like yours in the past.

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