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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Commercial Lockers?

If your business offers locker access to its employees or clientele, you want to make sure that your lockers are always a functional and well-worthy investment. However, l is it safe to order Pregabalin online ockers don’t hold up forever, and eventually, their functionality, aesthetic, or overall appearance could become a glaring stain on your brand’s appearance.

It’s always best to upgrade your lockers before their existence gets to this point. So, here are some early signs that it’s time to look into a new locker investment.

Your Lockers Aren’t Effective Anymore

If your brand values keeping up with the latest trends, don’t forget to consider upgrading your lockers when the opportunity arises.

With the evolution of technology and the ease of access to tablets and smartphones for the average person, storage needs are something that has also changed. If your lockers were installed 20 years ago, the chances are they are just large, bulky metal cabinets meant to hold coats, books, or backpacks.

While older lockers could safely house smartphones, tablets and laptops, the truth is that the modern user expects so much more from their locker options. Not only are newer lockers built to specifically store these items, but some even come with charging capabilities that only add to a unit’s value and effectiveness.

Maintenance Outweighs Their Value

Schools and other locations where metal lockers are available can be breeding grounds for trouble when it comes to maintenance. If you are constantly having to make repairs to your lockers or remove unsightly graffiti, it won’t be long before your maintenance costs become more expensive than your locker’s true value.

Investing in new laminate or veneer lockers for your location, may seem like a large upfront cost, but in the long-term, your new lockers will require less maintenance than your old metal units. Laminate and veneer lockers from Legacy Lockers minimize the manpower and materials you need to effectively create a clean storage space for the next user.

Your Lockers Don’t Match Your Aesthetic

Over the years, the physical look of your company’s aesthetic may change. Perhaps you’ve settled on a new logo or color palette, or it was just time to spruce up a decades-old look. 

Regardless of the reason, first impressions always count and you should never let your lockers remain a remnant of the past in a new and updated setting. 

Custom lockers can easily be designed with any color scheme in mind and can always add a little extra life to any building. 

In fact, at Legacy Lockers, customization at a quality price is what we specialize in. Our free online spec builder helps you ensure that your upgrade looks perfect and also fits perfectly in your planned locker space.

Find Next-Level Locker Options with Legacy Lockers

If you’re ready to make a locker upgrade that brings your brand’s renovation full circle, Legacy Lockers has the selection you need to perfect your vision. 

Contact us today to learn more about our available units and how to start our custom order process.

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