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The Top Locker Blogs of 2013 from Legacy Lockers

1. Lockers for Sale | Using Your Old Lockers to Make Room for Custom Lockers


 You have found custom lockers for sale from a reputable builder and installer, but you need to make room in your facility for the new custom lockers. What should you do with your old lockers? Depending on the size of the facility, some may choose to either toss the old lockers or store them as a contingency for some future use. However, there are many ways to either get rid of them or re-purpose, resell, or rearrange them to make room for the new custom lockers. Make room for beautiful new custom lockers by getting rid of the older ones with these tips… read the full blog here.
 Athletic programs differ greatly from high school to college. From look to budget, high school programs can appear like they are light-years away from collegiate programs. The high school locker room is a great representation of these major differences, as high school locker rooms present an altogether different host of challenges than college locker rooms… read the full blog here.
Depending on the quality and workmanship, beautifully designed wood lockers can easily become the centerpiece of any locker room, whether it’s at a posh country club or a rugged baseball stadium. When considering custom lockers for your business, it’s essential to consider those key elements that will add versatility, durability and style to the area where they will be highlighted. Consider the following important points when thinking about the ideal design for your locker room’s custom wood lockers… read the full blog here.

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