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The Latest In Locker Room Technology

When you think about a locker room, “high tech” may not be the first descriptive term that comes to mind. However, as technology advances across all areas of life, it’s only logical that it would have an impact on locker room culture as well. Of course, personal technology such as activity trackers and apps that act as personal trainers are seen in locker rooms across the country. However, you might be surprised to learn about some of the latest locker room technology available in luxury lockers themselves.

  • Qādirpur Rān At the University of Oregon, for example, in addition to having Internet ports at each locker stall, players use thumbprint scanners for locker access. This technology is quickly becoming common in college facilities as well as professional sports stadiums, and in fact, the Internet ports are already on the verge of being obsolete. WiFi in locker rooms is fast becoming the standard.
  • buy accutane 30 mg Technology in the locker room has some less glamorous, more practical applications as well. Staph infections are minimized using automated shower cleaners and EPA-approved sanitizers. Locker ventilation systems suck moisture away, reducing condensation and the opportunity for mold, mildew and odors to become a problem.
  • Of course, some technology is just for fun. Aside from the easy access to Internet, there’s also a trend toward having plenty of screens in the locker room, to make it a place where people want to congregate.
  • Locker rooms for professional athletes have begun to utilize cutting edge medical technology, too. From pneumatic recovery units to cold laser treatments, team physicians are increasingly making use of the most advanced medical technology to help players improve performance and recover from injury.

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