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The Advantages of Having Lockers in Large, Open Spaces

Lockers belong in locker rooms, right? In the modern fitness facility, that statement might be wrong. Increasingly, club owners are learning that there are many advantages to having lockers in large, open spaces within the club.

So, what’s the draw of lockers in the middle of the room? It’s multi-fold. People don’t use locker rooms the way they used to, as most people come to the gym dressed to work out, then head home to shower. While most facilities are still hanging on to their locker rooms in some form or another, many cite a variety of reasons to keep the lockers out in the open.

  • Al Wajh People like to keep an eye on their belongings. If customers can see their lockers from the treadmill, there’s an added level of security that breeds peace of mind. Especially if what they’re storing in a locker is a cell phone and some keys, many people prefer to be able to see the locker.
  • buy priligy europe Just because some people need showers, it doesn’t necessarily mean they need storage lockers. Locker rooms can be more comfortable and useful if they’re not crowded by lockers. For the most part, people need a bathroom and a place to change clothes. Amenities such as benches can make for a more relaxed atmosphere in the locker room.
  • Today’s lockers are more stylish with options like modern-looking wooden lockers, and they look good enough to show off. Additionally, lockers don’t need to be particularly large if they’re only used to hold shoes, keys and maybe a purse. In comparison to storage lockers used by sports teams and students, lockers in a fitness facility can be fairly compact, and the room can benefit from the economy of space.

Wherever you decide to put your lockers, it pays to enlist the services of a company experienced in locker construction and locker room design. Legacy Lockers has that experience plus a level of craftsmanship unsurpassed in the industry. For more information, call Legacy Lockers at (866) 291-3395.

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