• Is it necessary to have locker doors

    Do Your Lockers Need Doors?

    http://aqsgroup.co.uk/aqs/wp-includes/certificates/apotek/benzoyl.html Do your lockers need doors? If you’re designing a locker room or some other locker space, you’re probably caught up in a morass of details, from materials to locks, and aesthetic impact. If you take a step back, though, and give it some thought, you …

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  • Our wooden lockers are more environmentally friendly than platic of metal

    Environmentally Friendly Lockers

    When you’re ordering lockers for your locker room, the environment might not be the first thing on your mind. The impact you’re making on the earth is worth a thought though, particularly if you’re considering lockers made of plastic or metal. A plastic locker, like …

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  • Community heroes have wooden lockers

    Community Heroes Have Lockers

    When you think of lockers, do you think of school children and athletes? Maybe you think about stowing your sneakers in the locker room at the gym. Have you ever given any thought to the very important people in your community who depend on lockers? …

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  • What your Lockers Say About your Facility and Organization

    What your Lockers Say About your Facility and Organization

    Lockers may not seem like an important part of your facility’s presentation, but in reality, they say a great deal about your organization. That’s because a locker room, or lockers in open areas, are more than just a place to change clothes and store personal …

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  • The advantages of having lockers in large open spaces

    The Advantages of Having Lockers in Large, Open Spaces

    Lockers belong in locker rooms, right? In the modern fitness facility, that statement might be wrong. Increasingly, club owners are learning that there are many advantages to having lockers in large, open spaces within the club. So, what’s the draw of lockers in the middle …

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  • Understanding the construction of our lockers

    Understanding the Construction of our Lockers

    Lockers can be made from a variety of materials, and the materials you choose should be largely determined by the way the lockers will be used. At Legacy Lockers, each style of locker is built with high quality construction and materials, made to be durable …

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  • Why move lockers out of the locker room

    Why You Should Move Lockers Out of the Locker Room

    Lockers logically belong in locker rooms, right? Since the dawn of lockers, that’s where they’ve resided, closeted away in a place where people can change their clothes in privacy, perhaps even making use of a shower. In many modern fitness clubs, however, the idea of lockers …

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  • College team lockers

    How Lockers can Influence your Recruiting

    When you’re thinking of things that assist in recruiting, do lockers make the list? They should! While the playing field or arena is where athletes work, train, and compete, the locker room is their home away from home. A well-appointed locker room can make or break …

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  • New health club lockers

    Getting your Department to Invest in New Lockers

    Sometimes getting your department to invest money for any purpose can be difficult, and this is certainly true when it comes time to purchase lockers. Lockers often don’t stand out as priority line item on a budget sheet. Whether you’re grappling with school administrators or …

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  • Military Lockers at Camp Edwards

    Legacy Lockers worked with the government to design custom lockers that fit the spaces in each barrack room at Camp Edwards. The new design by Legacy Lockers included 24 inch wide lockers with red oak interiors. One challenging aspect of the project were that double …

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