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  • Legacy lockers provides our customers with beautiful wooden lockers

    Ways to Outfit a Ski Lodge Locker Room

    Is the locker room universal, or do different locations and activities require different types of locker rooms? This is a question worth asking, especially when you’re pondering a locker room in a ski lodge. How can you design your locker room to better accommodate skiers …

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  • Host a barber in your athletic locker rooms

    Fresh Cut: Locker Room Barber Series

    Have you considered hosting a barber in your locker room? It’s an unusual idea, but perhaps not for long. Locker room barbers are really taking off, especially in the world of college sports. It’s no surprise, really, that college team locker rooms would be on …

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  • Find out the latest news in locker room technology

    The Latest In Locker Room Technology

    When you think about a locker room, “high tech” may not be the first descriptive term that comes to mind. However, as technology advances across all areas of life, it’s only logical that it would have an impact on locker room culture as well. Of …

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  • Freestanding lockers are perfect for restaurants and kitchens

    Lockers for Restaurants and Kitchens

    When you think of lockers, you probably think of locker rooms and health clubs. In truth, though, lockers are extremely versatile, perfect for storage needs in a wide variety of spaces. Have you ever thought about the implications of lockers for kitchens? Whether an industrial …

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  • Selecting a wood grain finish for your lockers

    How to select a wood grain for your Lockers

    If you’re choosing lockers, you probably have a good idea of the aesthetic you’re working toward in your locker room. You may be going for a minimalist look, stark and clean, or you may want an atmosphere of lush comfort and elegance. Whatever you’re trying …

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  • Our wooden lockers are more environmentally friendly than platic of metal

    Environmentally Friendly Lockers

    When you’re ordering lockers for your locker room, the environment might not be the first thing on your mind. The impact you’re making on the earth is worth a thought though, particularly if you’re considering lockers made of plastic or metal. A plastic locker, like …

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  • Cut out clutter with a locker from Legacy Lockers

    Need Help Cutting Out Clutter? A Locker Can Help.

    When you hear the word “locker,” it may call to mind images of locker rooms and school hallways. Lockers, however, have many more uses than just storing textbooks and athletic gear. Your business may be able to use storage lockers to stay on the right …

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  • Custom locker keypad and name plates

    Track Usage and Survey Users before Upgrading your Locker Room

    Upgrading a locker room is challenging and can be somewhat complicated and expensive. It’s easy, however, to miss the mark during an upgrade and end up with a locker room that’s not the most functional space for the people who use it. Enlisting the services of …

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  • Keeping your lockers clean is easy

    Keeping Your Locker Clean

    A locker is a communal space, used by many people over time. Gym lockers hold sweaty gear; school lockers and storage lockers are exposed to germs and allergens, and all lockers reach a point at which they really must be cleaned. But what is the …

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  • Top 2013 Locker from Legacy Lockers

    The Top Locker Videos of 2013 from Legacy Lockers

    1. Lockers for Dry Cleaning | Legacy Lockers Legacy Lockers worked with the dry cleaner to create a system that functioned within small spaces of office buildings and apartments. The lockers also had to fit seamlessly into the luxury look of the locations. Legacy Lockers designed a …

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