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  • Legacy Lockers creates upscale health club lockers

    Five Regrettable Health Club Trends of The Past

    neurontin 300 mg high How long has the health club been an institution? Today’s gyms may seem like a modern convenience, but they really have a history that dates back to ancient Greece. Back then, gyms were a bit different. For one, attendees were required to oil up their …

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  • Legacy Lockers describes how they install custom lockers

    The Legacy Locker Installation Process

    Locker installation is a process you may not be familiar with if you’ve never built a locker room before. At Legacy Lockers, we’re old pros, well versed in locker installation. Let’s walk you through the process so it won’t seem like such foreign territory when …

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  • Where Do You Begin With Custom Lockers?

    Every locker room is unique, whether it’s the space it’s in or the guest it is serving. For example, sports locker rooms have different storage requirements for each team, whether it’s lacrosse, football, soccer, or basketball. But all these needs and specifications will go into …

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  • The well-equipped custom locker

    Custom Lockers | The Well-Equipped Locker

    Custom lockers add to the design and functionality of your facilities, giving your guests something to truly enjoy as they use them. But custom lockers don’t need to be overcomplicated or super-stuffed with useless, fancy features. The key to a great custom wood locker is …

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  • Locker lock possibilities

    Custom Lockers: Locks & All the Possibilities

    When it comes to custom lockers in locker rooms, nothing is more paramount than security. But comfort and convenience are also very important when considering locks to fit into your custom locker installation. Legacy Lockers understands this, and they take great pride in offering a …

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  • Flatonia ISD custom lockers

    Custom Lockers Case Study: Flatonia ISD

    The music department is an important part of the Flatonia (Texas) Independent School District, and the school district administrators knew that without custom lockers to replace the old ones, students could not store their instruments in a place that would keep them safe from intruders, …

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  • Custom hospital lockers are a huge benefit for employees

    Custom Lockers | Benefits of Employee Lockers in Hospitals

    Those who work in medical facilities understand the importance of custom lockers when it comes to keeping their personal belongings safe and secure for extended periods of time. After all, working long hours in a high-traffic environment demands a specific type of secured storage solution …

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  • Designing custom wood lockers from Legacy Lockers

    Elements to Consider When Designing Custom Wood Lockers

    Depending on the quality and workmanship, beautifully designed wood lockers can easily become the centerpiece of any locker room, whether it’s at a posh country club or a rugged baseball stadium. When considering custom lockers for your business, it’s essential to consider those key elements …

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  • Select locks for your custom lockers

    Selecting Locker Locks on Your Custom Locker Design

    When it comes to the design of custom lockers for any facility, whether it’s an athletic facility, a club locker room or a fitness center, one of the most important elements of the design that simply cannot be underestimated is locker locks. Whether used for …

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  • Custom laminate lockers

    Elements to Consider For Custom Laminate Lockers

    Applications that require versatile, attractive and cost-effective locker room solutions may consider laminate lockers as a viable alternative to more expensive and high-maintenance options. Custom lockers installation for your business does not have to be a painful and expensive process — there is no need …

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