Symbolic Meaning of a Locker Room – a Team’s Temple

09-10-2014 |

We’ve all heard that a man’s home is his castle, but where does that leave the locker room? For many teams, it’s their temple, where they go for fellowship, for contemplation, to reflect on their best moments and to revere their heroes. The reality is, teams spend a lot of time in the locker room. It is the forum in which speeches are given, spirits are rallied and friendships are forged. The gestalt of the room can set the tone of the team and how they interact with one another, as well as how the coach interacts with them. Do you want a rowdy locker room full of life and laughter, or do you prefer a quiet locker room that acts as an area for contemplation?

You might choose open lockers, with light, warm colors, for a lighthearted, free-spirited feeling. On the other hand, you might choose lockers with doors, in dark, serious colors, for a calming, elegant atmosphere. No matter what your preference may be, Legacy Lockers can help you design the perfect locker room for your team, with a variety of materials, finishes and styles from which to choose.

When you design a locker room, the sport that will be played must be considered. Football players, hockey players and baseball players each have different needs due to the very different equipment required by these different sports. Outdated, cluttered locker rooms, designed too generically to be useful, will have a negative impact on a team’s morale. By choosing different configurations, you can customize your locker room to meet the needs of your players and instill in them pride for your team. You can even choose to have your team’s logo engraved directly to the locker door or name plate, and Legacy Lockers can provide seat cushions customized for your team, emblazoned with the logo, in any color you choose.

No matter what kind of locker room you prefer, you’ll want to provide your athletes with the quality they deserve. The quality of the locker room communicates to the players the level of investment you have in them and their team. Cheap lockers communicate low expectations, whereas quality lockers raise the bar; when you order from Legacy Lockers, you know you’ll receive quality lockers. With over 65 years of manufacturing experience in the woodworking industry, Legacy Lockers has high quality lockers that will surpass your expectations. Visit the website to learn more about how Legacy Lockers can help you achieve your vision for your team’s locker room.

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