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Everyone knows that the moment you step into the indoor community pool complex, the entire air changes, heavy with the feeling of moisture; so you can only imagine what effect those conditions have on the sports lockers inside the changing areas of these community pool places. These facilities must take specific measures to counteract that humidity.

This is particularly challenging when you consider showers, changing rooms and lockers. Without the proper care, these areas can incur significant damage in the form of wood rot, rust, or swelling.

Legacy Lockers specializes in the design and creation of sports lockers that are especially built to withstand these types of conditions. Here’s how they do it:

  1. Evaluating needs. First, Legacy Lockers evaluates your needs by assessing the situation in your facility. They take into account everything from weather and temperature to fully understand how often your locker room goes through extreme heat and cold.
  2. Determining materials. If your lockers aren’t routinely exposed to moisture, they may only need to be water-resistant; this would protect them if they are sprayed by water but not submerged. If your lockers are exposed to extreme temperatures, waterproof materials will last longer in that space.
  3. Combating rust. If you have metal lockers, rust is inevitable. In extreme cases, you will need a complete sports locker upgrade; however, in some cases, the fix might be as simple as changing doors and locks. Legacy Lockers examines every facet of your locker room and determines the best course of action with regard to your locker room lockers.

Understanding what you need to prevent your sports lockers from incurring moisture damage is critical, and it could mean the difference between an ordinary upgrade and a more extensive locker overhaul. Regardless of your needs, the experts at Legacy Lockers can guide you and come up with budget-friendly customizations for your lockers. Find out more about sports lockers upgrades at today.

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