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Social Video & the Locker Room: What You Need to Know

Before the digital age, locker room etiquette was pretty simple. Respect each other’s privacy, clean up after yourself and strive to coexist peacefully. Now, though, with the advent of the ubiquitous handheld digital device, the rules have become more complicated. How can club owners and managers protect their patrons’ privacy while allowing them the freedom to check their work schedules and email from the locker room?

We all know that video shot on a mobile device can take on a life of its own fairly quickly. Consider the young Chinese couple whose sexual frolic in a retail dressing room has made them internet famous and gotten them in trouble with the law. As easy as it was for them to record their antics on a cell phone, it would have been just as easy for someone else to film them. This makes a pretty good argument for banning handheld devices from the locker room of your gym or clubhouse.

On the other hand, video is a good way to hold people accountable for their actions. Locker room video recently shot at a high school in San Angelo, Texas brought attention to a fight between students, and this is not the first time this sort of altercation has been recorded. Recording bad behavior is a good way to hold the right people accountable for it. Another positive way for people to use video shot in the locker room is to provide behind the scenes insights and commentary after a sporting event. Of course, in that instance, all parties involved must give their permission to be filmed before the footage is released, even to social media.

So what’s the answer for your locker room? No doubt you have rules and precautions already in place to discourage bad behavior, and it’s (hopefully) unlikely that film voyeurism or fist fights will break out between the wood lockers at your upscale clubhouse. Still, it’s important to have social media rules firmly in place, written alongside the “real world” regulations for your facility. Spend some time determining your policies on handheld devices in the locker room, as well as penalties for unauthorized filming within your club. Keep up-to-date on social media usage, so that you can anticipate any problems you may face at your facility. Perhaps most importantly, make sure your staff is on board with and fully understands your policies regarding social media, electronics and online activity as it relates to your organization.

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