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Selecting the Best Locker Doors

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Locker doors are not something to which most people give much thought. The locker door is nonetheless a crucial component of every locker. Choosing the right locker doors can be the key to creating an attractive and functional locker room while giving your facility a competitive edge.

Of course, security is a big concern when choosing locker doors. A flimsy door is a poor defense against theft, so it’s important to choose lockers that are sturdy and secure. Ventilation can be vital as well to reduce the opportunities for damp clothing to become malodorous. By choosing a door that allows for ventilation, you’ll be protecting the personal items of those who use your facility. Another aspect of security is the type of lock and locking mechanism you choose; you’ll have many choices in that regard, including whether you want to use locks with keys or coded locks.

The style of your locker doors is important as well, and there are a variety of different options from which to choose in order to find the style that matches the stylistic flow of the facility. There are many types of doors available, including louvered, solid and paneled doors, and an even wider array of colors. In addition, locker doors are made of different materials. Do your homework before your choose a door, and be prepared to decide between solid wood, laminate, or wood veneer. Solid wood is beautiful and available in different styles, but laminate and wood veneer are viable options as well, especially when you’re looking for something a little more cost effective and yet still attractive and durable.

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