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Seating Options for Your Custom Locker Room

Custom Locker RoomWhen designing a custom locker room for a club, an athletic facility, or any other area where lockers might be necessary, not much thought is given to the seating options that can be incorporated into the design. Today’s custom lockers are not limited to the same old boring styles, materials and forms; a large variety of locker configurations means that customers have choices when it comes to sitting in the locker room.

Seating: Things to Consider

Creating a custom locker room includes choosing the best seating option that meets your needs. Here are a few things to consider when considering a custom locker room, and what seating options to explore:

  • Location and size of available space. Whether the custom locker room is built as part of a larger renovation or as an addition to an existing area, it is extremely important to know the location and size of the area where the locker room will be built. This will help determine the type and cost of materials, as well as which locker configuration may be best.
  • Type of seating. If you’re designing a high school locker room, traditional benches may be best; a college locker room, though, may require integrated seating to accommodate space and storage needs of those who will be using the facilities. Regardless, it’s important to realize that there are many types of seating to suit the needs of any installation. The key is choosing the best option that will enable you to use the seating to its maximum potential.
  • Function. Is your project one that will require a smart use of limited space? Will the custom locker rooms be for public use? What kind of seating will be most functional given your particular needs? Evaluate your space and determine what would best suit your needs. For instance, a multipurpose room may require moveable seating, whereas locker rooms in a gym may need nothing more than just a few wood benches.
  • Who will be using it? Will these custom locker rooms be used by athletes, everyday exercise buffs, or children? Will the users be petite, or will they be on the heftier side? Whoever your client is, whether schoolchildren or professional athletes, knowing who will be using the seating is important to determine what kind of seating should be used for a custom locker room.

Legacy Lockers: Sit With Us

Seating is an important factor in any locker room installation. Choosing the right kind can mean the difference between failure and success. Let Legacy Lockers help with your next locker room installation. For more information, visit or call (866) 291-3395.

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