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Repurposing Your Old Lockers to Make Room for the New

So, you’re getting new lockers! This is a really exciting step for your organization, especially if you’re upgrading from ordinary lockers to luxury lockers. The question will probably arise, however: what should you do with the lockers you’re replacing? Here are some great ideas to make the most of the resources you no longer need.

  • Cantel You can always decide to donate. Is there a local school, church, daycare or children’s home in need of toy storage? Brightly painted lockers make excellent, sturdy storage spaces. If you give them to a non-profit organization, you may be able to claim a charitable donation once tax time rolls around. If you’re not concerned about the extra tax break, you might even want to list them on your local Freecycle site; lockers make great storage spaces in family rooms and kitchens, too.
  • Bogor There may be an opportunity within your organization to repurpose the old lockers. Lockers can be used in just about any space where storage is needed; paint them in colors that match the décor, and they make good shabby chic cabinets. Take the doors off, and you have an open look, or leave the doors on and take advantage of the metal doors to store things in magnetic containers. We’ve even seen old lockers used as planters!
  • If they’re not in the right condition to be reused, it’s time to recycle. Your local scrap yard can give you information about how to properly recycle metal lockers, and may even offer a pay-out for the metal. Finding out how to recycle your lockers is as easy as making a phone call.

No matter what you decide to do with your old lockers, make sure you’re purchasing your new lockers from a company that’s experienced, reliable and skilled. At Legacy Lockers, decades of experience have resulted in the creation of high quality lockers, along with excellent customer service. You can depend on Legacy Lockers to provide custom wooden lockers to fit every design scheme and locker room plan. To learn more, visit the website, or call 866-937-1088 for more info on lockers custom to your needs.

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