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Preventing Crime in Your Locker Room

A locker room is usually a friendly place, where people feel comfortable not only changing clothes and storing their belongings, but also meeting new people and forming new connections. However, without the proper precautions, a locker room can easily harbor illegal activity such as theft, voyeurism, drug trade, hazing and harassment. When that happens, the comradery is damaged, and people no longer feel at ease. Here, we offer some suggestions for locker room security, to prevent negative activities from happening in your locker room.

  • Uelzen Sometimes, the threat of being caught is enough to deter criminal activity. A locker room with a labyrinth style entrance allows security personnel to come and go without the sound of a door, which can be beneficial in keeping thieves off balance. Open changing rooms, too, deter illicit behavior, because there’s no way of knowing whether some of the other users are security officers in plain clothes. Placing emergency phones in locker rooms can give users an additional line of defense, and can discourage would-be offenders, because they know help can be easily summoned.
  • Locker room locks can provide security, but only if they’re well designed. An experienced thief can get past many types of locks, but a well-lit locker room, with sturdy locks on every locker, can be a powerful deterrent. Another good security measure is to provide a lockbox at the desk, for jewelry and other valuables to be locked up and protected by staff.
  • Write good behavior into the rules. Common sense dictates that valuable items should not be stored in lockers, but this should be posted in the rules of your locker room, to reinforce its importance. Another rule that prevents criminal activity is banning cell phones and other electronics from the locker room. Not only does this reduce the risk that they’ll be stolen, but it prevents clients from using them inappropriately, to photograph or record other patrons.

Making your clientele feel safe and at home is an important part of creating a comfortable locker room. Legacy Lockers has been helping clients who want to create a luxury locker room for decades, impressing customers with not only our craftsmanship, but also our outstanding customer service. To find out more about Legacy Lockers, connect with our online community by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter; or visit the website for a free estimate, or to learn what Legacy Lockers can do for you.

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