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Performing Locker Room Maintenance, the Right Way

Owning a new car, home, or a piece of equipment you really, really want brings with it the responsibility to take good care of it and maintain it properly. That same premise holds true with a newly designed or remodeled locker room installation. After all, new things don’t stay new forever, and the inevitable wear and tear will eventually require maintenance and repairs.

When it comes to the maintenance and upkeep of your new locker room, it all comes down to the original construction—whether it’s a men’s or a women’s locker room, whether you are using it for a school, a country club or an athletic department, the locker room’s original builder is the best person (or company) to handle your locker room maintenance.

Locker Room Repairs—Not For Just Anyone

It’s easy to sometimes choose a carpenter or an independent millworker to repair and maintain your beautifully crafted custom locker room. You may feel as though you are saving money and time by hiring someone other than your original contractor to take care of your custom locker room maintenance.

Unfortunately, not going directly to the source can be problematic; what happens, for instance, if the person or firm you choose doesn’t have the necessary materials to repair your lockers? What if the parts were exclusive to your customized installation and they are hard to find? This can be even more challenging if the person doing your repairs doesn’t have a list of what parts were used for the original installation. Ultimately, you may end up paying more for maintenance and worse, permanently damaging something created just for you.

Legacy Lockers: The Right Maintenance

When you call Legacy Lockers to take care of your locker room design and subsequent maintenance needs, you can rest assured that they know what you need.

  • Legacy Lockers keeps a record of the exact parts used for your custom locker application, so they can better perform maintenance when the time comes.
  • Legacy Lockers has a large inventory of parts to repair or replace any facet of the lockers they build for you, so your locker room can always look its best.
  • Legacy Lockers does everything possible to ensure great-looking lockers. This makes the entire process faster, easier and cheaper for you.
  • Legacy Lockers designs their lockers to be individual units. So if only one or two out of the many lockers in your installation are damaged, there is no need to waste time and money taking the whole thing apart—Legacy Lockers simply repairs the damaged units.

Acquiring a beautiful new locker room with custom lockers to fit your needs is about more than just the hear and now. It’s important to factor in long-term maintenance and overall repair costs that will inevitably accrue overtime. So why not choose a company that can do it beautifully, efficiently and cost-effectively? Learn more about locker room designs from Legacy Lockers today at


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