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Music Instrument Storage Lockers

Storage lockers are versatile, and can be used to store everything from cleaning supplies and sporting equipment to clothing and schoolbooks. One type of item that requires specific customization in storage lockers, though, is a musical instrument. Musical instruments come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and are made of many different materials. Because they’re expensive and fragile, musical instruments need the right storage lockers, to keep them well protected.

  • Musical instruments are expensive and delicate. Keeping them in a locked room is not a great solution, because it’s easy for them to break or be misidentified. Metal storage lockers probably aren’t the best option, either, because the hard surface can be rough on delicate instruments. Individual, customized, wood lockers are a great option because they can be constructed in a variety of configurations, affording your musical instruments the space and protection they need.
  • Size definitely matters when it comes to musical instrument storage. A flute and a tuba require not only different sizes of lockers, but also very different shapes. If you need to store several musical instruments in one room, it will require some careful planning to optimize your space and find the perfect solution.
  • Instruments can be stored in cases, or out of them. Storage lockers can be customized to accommodate whichever solution works best for your group, whether you prefer lockers sized to hold instrument cases, or racks mounted inside the lockers to hold instruments out of their cases and ready to play.

If you’re in need of customized storage lockers, Legacy Lockers can help. With over 65 years in the woodworking industry, Legacy Lockers brings a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence in customer service when creating customized lockers that are some of the best in the business. For more information on wooden or laminate lockers for your facility, call Legacy Lockers at (866) 291-3395.    

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