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Modernize your Club by Retrofitting Locker Locks

07-3-2014 |

Locker locks may not be something that people think much about, but they are one component of an athletic facility that almost every visitor will encounter. While no one chooses a gym based on a locker lock, the wrong locker locks can mar the experience of the environment for its patrons. Whether you’re designing a new fitness facility, or renovating an existing locker room, it’s a good idea to carefully consider the specification of the locks.

Traditionally, in a situation where there are far fewer lockers than users, as is typically the case in a fitness club, the solution is for members to bring padlocks. Members of high end clubs, however, may not be interested in carrying around a lock. In addition, mismatched locks can make a locker room look sloppy and unappealing.

Furthermore, key locks are not ideal because they require more operational involvement. Keys must be issued, requiring management to hold master keys. Coin operated or card operated lockers are viable options, but they still require the mechanism of a key, which can pose problems. Keys can be lost, and stocking keys can become a managerial headache.

A better option is keypad locker locks, which require only a personal identification number, rather than a lock or key. This type of lock requires a higher front-end investment, but they pay for themselves in just a few years, compared to the cost of managing codes and keys. Their value is also evident in the high-end look they give your facility.

In Europe, radio frequency identification technology, or RFID, is being widely used for locker locks in upscale clubs. This type of lock involves swiping an RFID tag past a scanner. The technology can be configured so that the chip holds data that can be integrated with other software found in the clubs in which it’s used. In other words, RFID can provide a shared-use solution, tying the tag into the member management software, concession points of sale and other amenities.

The American market has been resistant to RFID because earlier versions had glitches that caused frustrating malfunctions. Today’s RFID, however, involve near-instantaneous transfer of data, resulting in far fewer breakdowns in service. The cost can be prohibitive, however, which is one reason it hasn’t made a bigger splash in the United States.

Sometimes, all it takes to spruce up a locker room is switching out the locker locks, to make the room look fresher and more modern. When updating your facility, it’s important to enlist the assistance of experienced professionals. From the type of locker locks to the style of locker, Legacy Lockers can help you with every part of your locker room design. To work with Legacy Lockers, please call (866) 291-3395.

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