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About Legacy Lockers

From a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Dallas, Legacy Lockers combines over 65 years of manufacturing experience in the woodworking industry with the project knowledge and expertise necessary to design, build, and deliver exceptional lockers and furnishings that provide many years of dependable use.

Our singular goal: Deliver the highest quality product, with unsurpassed customer service and guaranteed quality, to meet your vision on time and within budget.

Headquarters & Manufacturing

4433 Bronze Way
Dallas, Texas 75236
Toll-Free: 866-937-1088
Local: 214-466-1700
Fax: 214-466-1789

Operations Overview

Every custom locker begins with raw materials. Legacy Lockers selects only top-grade components from the most respected manufacturers in the industry. All materials are safely warehoused at our manufacturing facility, or specially ordered on a job-by-job basis, in preparation for construction.

Legacy Lockers designs, and builds every locker entirely on site at our manufacturing facility in Dallas, Texas. Here you will find some of the most advanced woodworking technology in the industry, producing an exceptionally accurate and consistent fit and finish.

Through networked computer controls, our technicians continually monitor, manage and adjust the construction process. Questions and challenges are immediately addressed and accurately remedied long before your lockers reach their destination. The simple result: rigid quality controls and maximum operational efficiency to keep your project on schedule and on budget.

As individual components are completed, skilled craftsmen begin hand-assembly of the lockers. The locker body is securely joined together and the entire unit is pressed into alignment by a unique machine developed specifically for this purpose. Once the locker bodies have been set and squared, they are lined up for the installation of internal accessories such as drawers, cubby doors, hooks and hinges. Finally, the doors and locks are installed, and the unit is prepared for shipping.

You will find Legacy Lockers shipping preparation and protection second to none. Once assembled, each locker is gently wrapped in craft paper to protect the finish and hardware from scratches. Then, the locker is covered from top to bottom with several layers of foam sheeting to further protect the locker faces.

In preparation for transport, smaller project shipments are grouped in sets, placed on pallets, bound together with layer upon layer of clear plastic stretch wrap, and secured with industrial strength shipping straps. Larger project shipments are individually floor-loaded and fully secured for direct shipment to your facility via dedicated space on air-ride trailers (such as those used for fine furniture). As you can see, Legacy Lockers takes every precaution to ensure your lockers arrive in pristine condition.

If you have specific questions about Legacy Lockers production capabilities, please email us now. A representative will be glad to contact you with the answers you need.

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