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Managers Should Be Involved in Selecting Locks for Lockers

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Choosing locks for lockers can be more complicated than you might think. Once you’ve made all the requisite decisions about wood vs laminate, different colors of stains, supplemental locker room furniture and so on, you might think you’re done choosing locker room components. Alas, there’s still more work to do – selecting locks for lockers. So, why should management get involved with deciding on locker locks?

It’s pretty simple. Managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of fitness facilities. They’re the ones ensuring that guests feel secure, and they’re the ones who see how the facilities are actually used. It only makes sense for them to be part of the decision process about basic things like locks for lockers. While locks are often considered just another part of the locker, thus part of the architectural process, they’re actually a security consideration and should be chosen by those responsible for security.

So, why is this a big decision, anyway? It used to be that clients brought their own combination locks for lockers. However, especially in higher-end facilities, this is not always the optimum solution. Key locks for lockers are another solution, but it is not always reasonable to expect managers to take on the task of maintaining master keys, particularly in large facilities. Many modern fitness facilities are now choosing digital keypad locks, which can be expensive at the front end of installation, but will save money later in the expense of managerial involvement in the locker room, helping people with lost keys, for instance. Additionally, digital locks give a sleeker appearance, which is preferable in a higher-end facility.

No matter what type of locker locks you and your management staff decide are the best for your facility, it’s good to get expert advice before making a final decision. Legacy Lockers has the experience and knowledge to help you determine what’s right for you and for your clientele. For the best locker solutions, including valuable advice about locks for lockers, call Legacy Lockers at (866) 291-3395.

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