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Luxury Lockers for the Luxury Home

You may appreciate luxury lockers at your fitness club, but did you ever consider them for your house? Most homes can benefit from more storage, and with the right custom lockers, you can install functional storage elegantly.

  • how to buy antabuse tablets In the entry or foyer, locker rooms make an interesting alternative to the traditional coat closet. Most coat closets are not as functional as they could be it’s usually a rack and a shelf. With lockers, you can compartmentalize and keep things tidy. Assign a locker to each family member, and you’ve got a tidy place to store backpacks, rain boots, and coats, neatly out of sight. Now, if your current foyer doesn’t have enough space, consider a home addition and expand the area. Consult a contractor to check the feasibility of this plan.
  • thrivingly A mudroom with wood lockers is an organized mudroom. Add a bench, and you have a space perfect for changing shoes and storing gear. With luxury lockers, you can even keep your mudroom looking upscale. They can even be customized to have hooks, shelves and cubbies in whichever configuration fits your family.
  • What better place is there for lockers than a home office? Not only can they be the perfect place to store office supplies and paperwork, but they also give your office a unique look. Most home offices are a little on the small size, so compact, multifunctional lockers can really help maximize your space. You can look for a locker that can go with your office desk and chair, which you might have bought through a company like office monster or similar others. You can also get additional storage space with your office desk as well.
  • Lockers in the garage are no-brainers. Organizing the garage is everyone’s least favorite chore, but using lockers can make it infinitely easier. A tall locker is great for storing outdoor tools like rakes and brooms, and a locker with shelves helps you keep things neat and easily accessible.
  • Consider putting lockers in your bedroom. Wooden luxury lockers lend an elegant feel to any room while adding extra storage for bulky items such as winter coats.

No matter where you need to use them, custom lockers from Legacy Lockers can be designed to meet your needs. Stay tuned to this blog for more information and ideas, connect with our online community by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter, or visit the website to learn how to order the perfect luxury lockers for your locker room or home.

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